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FRiEQ 37 dB NRR Sound Technology Safety Ear Muffs with LRPu Foam for Shooting, Music & Yard Work
  • - Item model number : HD-06
  • - Weight : 9.17 ounces
  • - Package Dimensions : 5.5 x 5.1 x 3.5 inches
  • $14.99
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100% Natural Bamboo Charcoal

Everyday tasks like mowing the lawn or practicing a musical instrument are probably so monotonous you don’t give them a second thought. But did you ever realize you might be putting your ears at risk and doing some serious damage to your hearing?

The FRiEQ team cares just as much about your safety as you do. We went the extra mile and included a sound blocker shell and a sound ring for effectiveness you won’t find anywhere else!

ANSI S3.19 Tested & Certified (American National Standards Institute)
CE EN 352.1 Tested & Certified (European Standard)

Why Choose Our Ear Muffs?

- Effectively protects your ears and hearing
- Adjustable sizing for different users
- Great for work, hobbies, and quiet time
- Designed with high quality foam
- Made with durable materials

  • Made with LRPu foam developed by NASA, they effectively reduce low-mid frequencies. To protect against mid-high frequencies, we used durable acoustic foam for a full range of defense.
  • Adjustable sizing means that men and women of almost any age can use these high quality ear defenders! Simply size them to your head and you’ll have a secure fit every time.
  • High flexibility, can be 360°any rotary bearing the wearer can freely adjust to a comfortable position.
  • Give your ears the protection they need with a pair of Safety Ear Muffs from FRiEQ! Featuring 37 dB NRR sound technology, our innovative and comfortable design shields your hearing better than the average earplug.
  • Their compact size means you can take them anywhere, including the gun range, the garage, the auto racing track, or even the library for some ultra-quiet study time!