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DONECO®: The Best TENS Unit Replacement Pads
May 08, 2015  |  Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

DONECO®: The Best TENS Unit Replacement Pads

There are some TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units that come with free electrodes. Yet, it’s not a guarantee that these electrodes are of prime quality. The common complaints among the users include the poor adhesiveness of the electrodes and at times, there are some people who develop rashes on the spots where the electrodes have been placed. Choosing electrodes for TENS unit isn’t an exact science. Kudos to this person who has a story to tell on how she was able to find just the right electrodes as you may learn from her own experience with other types of electrodes.

Satisfied user “Rhea” has encountered trouble finding TENS unit replacement pads before she finally stumbled upon DONECO® electrodes. The original electrodes included in the TENS unit that she bought, according to Rhea, were very flimsy. Sticking them on her skin always tests her patience. She feels that purchasing DONECO® electrodes was among the best decisions she’s ever made as she’s not only happy that the electrodes stick well, but the company also has an amazing customer service. She’s also surprised that the DONECO® electrodes were individually placed in their bags, unlike the others that just tossed the electrodes in one bag without any labels.

DONECO® TENS unit replacement pads, on the other hand, are neatly and separately packed with labels stating their respective expiration dates. She was even more pleased when she received an email from the company about some instructions on how to use the electrodes. According to her, it’s hard to find a company that cares about their customers like DONECO® does and she highly recommends the company and the electrodes.

If you also have the same problems with your electrodes, there’s certainly no harm in giving DONECO® a try. Your satisfaction is a hundred percent guaranteed. You don’t have to deal with flimsy, irritating electrodes anymore. You’re also assured that the electrodes work with majority of TENS devices, plus these will be delivered straight to your home incredibly fast. Indeed, DONECO® TENS unit replacement pads has quality you can trust.